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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Scotch Pancakes Recipe
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 Posted By Faryal Shah

scotch pancakes recipe

The recipe for today's scotch pancakes (drop scones) is a delectable traditional British breakfast. With this recipe, you can make soft, sweet, moist & fluffy pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, fruits, and berry jam, which is slightly different from American pancakes.

        I've loved this recipe since I tried it, and it's now on my breakfast table every morning. Compared to my previous pancake recipe, this one is much more satisfactory.  Starting a brand-new day off with a healthy  & delicious kind of breakfast is the perfect way to fulfill all the needs of a good meal, hence its awesomeness.

         Scotch pancakes can be served as breakfast, lunch, snacks, and brunch. This recipe is so quick and easy that hardly needs time to get ready in less than 30 minutes, if you are looking for unsweetened and low-carb pancakes I’ll definitely suggest you, make the keto pancakes a healthy version. This is simple baking perhaps the very simplest of all.

fluffy pancakes

The following ingredients are used in this recipe:

1 & ½ cups of all-purpose four

2 tsp baking powder

3 tbsp of caster sugar

2 large egg

1 cup milk

a pinch of salt

Cooking Oil for pancakes


The drop-scones methodology is so simple & I would be choosing this method which is only a 2-step procedure just coating the parched.

Before starting this recipe let me note some of the important tips which will help you to ensure the best Scottish pancakes for a special breakfast.

The authentic pancake recipe calls for self-rising flour, but I’ve used plain flour with baking powder, it's a voluntary step whether you have it or not, you can switch to the volition.


Start by sifting the dry ingredients like flour, baking powder, caster sugar & salt together.


Next to the wet mixture, combine eggs and milk well.


Make a good batter in the center of your dry mix, then pour the wet ingredients into it to make a thick and smooth batter. Because we didn't want crepes to result, add a small amount of milk to the wet ingredients to avoid runny batter.

Place your pan or griddle over the heat and grease it with a small amount of oil and is better to use oil rather than butter to get rid of burning the pancakes readily, once the pan is heated add a large spoonful of batter around 10 cm, and let the pancake cook under the low-medium heat, give 1-2 minute each side or until the bubbles are formed on the top of the pancake.

Flip it and cook both sides until light golden brown. When it's ready remove it from the heat and repeat the same process for the remaining pancakes.

Additionally, you can substitute the ingredients as I've told you before, self-raising flour uplifts the pancakes beautifully, further, another hattrick idea to make them nicely fluffy is buttermilk, yeah sometimes I ran out of the ingredients I replace them with the normal one, it's fine.

Serve it hot or cold with whatever toppings you like, enjoy them and complete your daybreak with a delicious treat.


Be careful not to overmix the batter

Use an oil (or butter) brush to apply a thin layer of oil

You'll scorch your pancakes if it's too hot so low-medium heat is the best.

Do not store the batter when using baking powder.

All the ingredients must be at room temperature, it's the key to wonderful baking.

Refrigerating the batter for an hour is fine, but not the night before cooking.


Berries, jam, yogurt, sprinkles, dry fruits, maple syrup, butter, and honey. For a good flavor, lemon or lime zest can be added to the batter or orange zest.

Some different flavorings for example Cocoa powder, Cinnamon, Vanilla extract & Dehydrated Coconut.



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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Coffee and Walnut Cake Recipe
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 Quick Recipe of Coffee and Walnut Cake

Posted By Nimra Siddique

Coffee and Walnut Cake

It is only eaten with coffee. People buy coffee and walnut cake because they want something to go with their coffee. The coffee walnut cakes are easy desserts. Consider how many coffee shops in America sell various pastries. The creaming method, also used in the Victoria sandwich and other classics, is used in most classic coffee and walnut recipes. Slater, for example, believes that the key to a good coffee and walnut is "just to beat the butter."

Ingredients For Chocolate Fondue

softened butter pack, plus extra for tins (250g )

 cooled strong black coffee (made with 2 tbsp coffee granules)(100ml )

 self-rising flour(280 grams)

caster sugar, golden(250g )

baking powder(12 teaspoon)

Four eggs

One tablespoon of vanilla extract

walnut, two tablespoons roughly chopped, staying chopped (85g )

sifted icing sugar, plus a little extra for dusting (100g )

Double cream, 150ml

At room temperature, 100g mascarpone

Allow the coffee to cool after mixing it with 1 tbsp of boiling water. Half the walnut took in the pan, toasted and nutty, then set a quarter aside and roughly chop the rest.

The oven's heat should be 180°C; grease and line two 20cm sandwich pan.

Chocolate Fondue

Method To Make Easy Desserts

Combine the butter and sugar until very light and fluffy. While the mixer is still running, slowly pour the egg mixture, scraping down the sides as needed. A spoon of flour, baking powder, and salt, gradually adding the coffee and chopped walnuts. If the batter does not fall reluctantly from a spoon, add milk to loosen it—Bake in the two tins for about 25 minutes or until well-risen. Allow cooling for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, combine two tablespoons of coffee for the icing with one tablespoon of boiling water and set aside to cool.

Warm cheese with wine and chocolate fondue tastes delicious and is simple to prepare. The heat of the oven should be 180°C/160°C.

Then, using an electric whisk, combine the butter, flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs, vanilla, and half of the remaining coffee in a large mixing bowl. Fold in the finely chopped walnuts, divide among the muffin cups, and spread evenly. Scatter the walnuts on top of one of the cakes. Bake for 25-30 minutes. Wait until the color of the cake is golden.

Drizzle the remaining coffee over the plain cake. Now cakes are excellent in a pan. Meanwhile, make the filling: combine and fold two tablespoons of coffee. Spread the basic cake with the icing, then top with the walnut-topped cake and dust with icing sugar.

Coffee cake is a single-layer cake with a sweet cinnamon flavor and a streusel topping made of flour, butter, and sugar. Streusel can also be used as a filling inside the cake. Fruit varieties abound, with blueberries being the most common. You can keep it for up to 2-3 days in the fridge, and use the airtight box to keep it fresh and moist.


And, while the classic coffee and walnut coffee cake are great for custom cakes near me, can anyone recommend a more decadent, more sophisticated coffee cake to serve after dinner?

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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe
November 09, 20220 Comments

Easy Recipe For Chocolate Lava Cake

Posted By Nimra Siddique

chocolate lava cake

We love to share an easy recipe for chocolate lava cake. This cake is full of molten chocolate. We can make this chocolate lava cake in 30 minutes. Cupcakes with chocolate are desirable for any occasion, like weddings, birthday parties, etc. You can make a yummy chocolate lava cake using the simple ingredients below.

You will not believe it is elementary to make a  chocolate lava cake at home. They are the perfect individual sweet because they're less undercooked, resulting in gooeyness. Now add the melted chocolate over the jelly.

These molten chocolate cakes are perfect for special occasions like wedding ceremonies, Mother's Day, and a regular weekend. Because you only need a few pantry staples, these are ideal for a quick dessert. Try my pastry cake, cupcake, or chocolate lava cake recipes for another chocolatey dessert.

Ingredients that are used in chocolate lava cake

1. Chocolate

In this way, you can use 60% hot cocoa. I like to use half-sweet chocolate, but you can part with dark chocolate. To get the best smooth and melty centers, I recommend using a high-quality baking chocolate bar, such as Ghirardelli.

2. Butter

Use unsalted butter to prevent the chocolate lava cakes from becoming too salty.

3. Eggs 

Two eggs and two egg yolks are required for this lava cake recipe. 

If you want to make richness and creaminess of this chocolate lava cake, you can add more yolks 

4. Flour 

These pastry cakes require very little flour. The flour adds structure, but too much will interfere with the molten centers.

5. Salt 

6. Sugar 

chocolate lava cake

The Process of Making the Chocolate Lava Cake

1. Melt the butter and chopped chocolate two times; heat them, stirring until smooth, Or you may put the butter and chocolate in a microwave pan and melt it for min 25-30 sec, stirring after a while until it will be smooth.

2. Combine the eggs, egg yolks, sugar, and salt in a large mixing bowl. Mix it to make the mixture thick and pale yellow.

3. Mix the chocolate and flour mixture into the egg mixture.

4. For the combined mixture, fold it.

5. Divide the batter among butter and flour; remix and bake it for 5 to 6 minutes. Cupcakes are firm but jiggly. Let the cakes cool for at least 2 minutes.

6. Carefully place a small dessert plate on top of each ramekin and invert the chocolate lava cake onto the plate. Stay a while for at least 5-10 sec to unmold the cake. Sprinkle some granulated sugar, and add some berries. Serve the chilled cakes for the best results.

Review Of The Recipe For Chocolate Lava Cake

Refrain from filling the measuring spoon with flour. Fluff the flour before sprinkling it into the tablespoons or weighing it with a scale. The center will become firm if you can make it better by adding more flour.

Before placing the ramekins in the oven, ensure they are completely hot. Because of the high temperature, the outside of the cake bakes faster than the inside. That produces a perfectly cooked exterior while the chocolate lava filling remains gooey!

Use room-temperature eggs to ensure they mix into the batter without being over-mixed. If your eggs are cold, place them in a bowl of warm tap water.

Keep an eye on the chocolate lava cakes as they bake.

lava cake

The Good Representation Before Serve

Serve these warm chocolate pastry cakes with vanilla ice cream, a drizzle of hot fudge sauce, or a heaping spoonful of whipped cream. Fresh berries or sprinkles make an excellent garnish. I also enjoy drizzling caramel on top of the cakes!

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Monday, November 7, 2022

Recipe of Chocolate Mousse
November 07, 20220 Comments


Quick and Easy Recipe of Chocolate Mousse

Posted by Nimra Siddique


Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse 

It has a light, airy appearance, an intense chocolate flavor, and a soft, melting texture on the palate. Savory or sweet dishes with the consistency of dense foam made from a puréed main ingredient combined with stiffly beaten egg whites, whipped cream, or both Mousses are almost always served cold, and sweet mousses are occasionally served frozen. Sometimes people like to serve hot coffee with chocolate cakes and chocolate mousse.

This classic chocolate mousse is light but rich in chocolate flavor. This dish is quick and simple to prepare specifically concerned as an Easter dessert.

Chocolate mousse with hot coffee

Ingredients for Chocolate Mousse


                       3 tbsp unsweetened butter

                       6 oz. high-quality semisweet chocolate

                       Three large room-temperature eggs, yolks, and whites separated

                       12 tsp cream of tartar

                       14 cup sugar plus two tablespoons

                       12 cups cold heavy cream

                       12 tsp vanilla extract

Quick Recipe

12 cups chilled heavy cream

2 tsp. sugar

Shavings of chocolate

In a medium microwave-safe bowl, place the butter. Place the chocolate in the bowl in small pieces. Microwave it in 20-second increments, stirring after each, until the chocolate is 75% melted. Stir to allow the chocolate to boil. With a wooden spoon, stir until the chocolate is melted and smooth.) Allow a few minutes for the mixture to cool before whisking; mix the egg's yolk one by one. Leave side drops of the eggs in a bowl or electric hand mixer on medium-high speed until foamy. Mix in the cream of tartar until soft peaks form (the peaks should start after once a second mix them correctly. Gradually beat in 1/4 cup sugar and mix them until they look like same. Mix the egg and chocolate until the mixture is uniform with good spine leaves aside.

Beat the heavy cream in a separate bowl. At medium-high speed, until it thickens. Continue to win in the remaining two tablespoons of sugar and the vanilla extract until the mixture is smooth. Make sure it's completely incorporated, but keep the mix manageable. Divide the mousse among six individual glasses, cover, and wait 2 hours until set.

Whip the cream until it thickens, up to a few hours before serving. Whip the sugar into medium peaks. Dollop whipped cream to cover the top of the mousse with chocolate.

Make-Ahead time can be one hour. Refrigerate until chilled, wrapped in plastic wrap.

Please keep in mind that chocolate mousse is made with raw eggs. If this is a concern, look for pasteurized eggs. Eggs that have been pasteurized have Whole Foods usually carries them, but call ahead to make sure before making a memorable trip. (Note: Eating raw eggs is not recommended for sensitive people like babies, pregnant women, etc.

chocolate mousse



Fat:31 g

Saturated fat: 19 g

34 g carbohydrates

31 g of sugar

2 g of fiber

Protein: 5 g

Sodium: 55 mg

163 mg of cholesterol


To our knowledge, these recipes are gluten-free or readily available in gluten-free varieties. Many foods contain hidden gluten; if you're one, there is no gluten in these ingredients, and your ingredient labels ensure they're gluten-free.

Chocolate mousse is a common ingredient in chocolate desserts. People of almost all ages love chocolate mousse. It has a light, airy texture and an intense chocolate flavor and is soft and melting on the palate.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

November 02, 20220 Comments


Posted By Aiman Ahmed

Sweet and Sour Chicken



Aren't you bored of eating desi food daily? Do you want to try something different? Just like hot and sour chicken which is full of flavor and is healthy too. Oh, you don't know how to make it? Well- nothing to worry about. Let me introduce you to hot and sour chicken in my style. Let's get started.




To marinate chicken, all you need:

Chicken boneless ½ kg.

Egg white 1 large egg.

All-purpose flour 2 tbsp.

Corn flour / Corn starch / Rice flour ½ cup.

Salt ½ tsp or according to taste.

Garlic powder 1 tsp.

White pepper powder 1, ½ tsp.

Water 2 tbsp or as needed to make a paste.

Oil for frying.


For making the kick of our dish, which is the sauce, you will need is:

Tomato ketchup 4 tbsp.

Brown sugar powder 3 tbsp.

Soy sauce 1 tbsp.

Salt according to your taste.

Vinegar 2 tbsp.

Hot sauce 2 tbsp.

Chili sauce 1 tbsp

Corn flour/ rice flour 1 tbsp.

Water 2 tbsp.

Oil 1 tbsp.


To make our dish healthier and give it a Chinese cuisine touch, we will add some veggies that are:

Onion ½ cup.

Capsicum ½ cup.

Red bell pepper ½ cup.

Yellow bell pepper ½ cup.

Green onions ½ cup.

Pine apple ¼ cup.

Oil 1 tbsp.

Hot and Sour Chicken


The complete cooking process will be divided into 3 easy steps


Our first step is of preparing chicken.

Firstly, cut the chicken into cubes.

Take a bowl, add corn flour, all-purpose flour, salt, garlic powder, and white pepper powder and mix it up properly.

Then add egg white and water and make a smooth paste.

Now add chicken cubes to the mixture and mix them very well, in such a way that all the ingredients are well combined.

Let the chicken enjoy for half an hour with all its spices.

Add cooking oil to the pan on the stove at medium flame.

Add chicken pieces in medium hot oil and fry them till it gets a nice golden brown color.

Now, set aside.


In the second, we will sauté veggies.

Cut all the veggies into cubes.

In a wok add oil, heat it, and add all veggies.

Let's fry it for min 3-4 minutes.


In the third and last step, we will make a sauce for hot and sour chicken.

In a wok, add oil and heat it a little bit.

Then add tomato ketchup, hot sauce, chili sauce, brown sugar, soy sauce, salt, and vinegar. Stir it properly until the sugar melts.

Now add water in corn flour and make a smooth paste and then add it to the wok.


Now the final step is to mix the fried chicken, the sautéed veggies, and the delicious hot and spicy sauce. Serve it with freshly made fried rice or fried noodles.

Enjoy the mouth-watering Chinese cuisine, Hot and Sour Chicken.




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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

No Oven Chocolate Cake
October 26, 20220 Comments

               “No Oven Chocolate Cake Recipe”

Posted by Faryal Shah

No Oven Chocolate Cake


Flour ½ cup

 Dark cocoa powder 8 tbsp
Baking soda ¼ th tsp
Baking powder 1 tsp
Pinch of salt\
2 eggs
Milk ½ cup
Butter ½ cup
Granulated sugar 1 cup
Vanilla essence 2 drops


Chocolate milk or plain milk ⅓ rd cup

1 tbsp coffee 
⅓ rd cup water
Sugar 2 tbsp or condensed milk


Fresh Cream 200ml

Dark cooking chocolate sweetened 1 cup (chopped)
Any chocolate spread/Nutella


The Chocolate cake seems like a delicious heavenly dessert which is easy as pie to forge a cake if you know the baking tips, either stove or oven baking but we’re not going to use any of these methods because I have something special for you to easily make one of the best cakes of all time in your life with the most straightforward way “No oven Chocolate cake” where I'm going to use a nonstick pan, the flavor of this cake will blow your mind I'm challenging you! subsequently, you can create cakes for any event in just 20 minutes.

No Oven Chocolate Cake Recipe

                                                            STEP 01

 No use of baking molds or tools, the perfect and startling taste, so let's start by greasing the Non-stick heavy bottom pan by melting the half cup of butter in it on low-medium heat, we do not want the butter to get burned, transfer the butter to your bowl which already has greased your pan.

                                                           STEP 02

 Next, we’ll be sifting all the dry ingredients flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and cocoa powder, this will help you to facilitate the whole process. Set aside the dry components.

                                                           STEP 03

 Head to the next step, then add sugar to the melted butter, you can use granulated or powdered sugar for a quick mix. This is a very important step where the sugar needs to be completely dissolved, take 2 eggs at room temperature and add 1 at a time into the bowl of sugar and butter mixture, whisking gently until a gooey foamy texture appears.

                                                         STEP 04

                  Add the dry mix to the bowl and coat the batter using a spatula do not use a whisk for this step start coating the batter in a clockwise direction & do not over-mix the batter just when you see the dry ingredients disappear, incorporated well then add the milk in it. 

                                                        STEP 05

Now to the last step add 2-3 drops of vanilla essence & mix well. Our batter is ready to go in the pan place your greased pan on the stove on a medium-low flame and pour the batter in it gently, cover the lid and leave it for 20 minutes, give a toothpick test to the cake after 20 minutes, do not disturb the cake in between and if the toothpick comes out with the batter then give more 3-4 minutes.

          When it's ready don't bring it off the pan it will immediately break into pieces the hot cake is so soft enough so let it cool completely on the counter.

                                                     STEP 06

On the other side, let's prepare the soaking syrup, now you can use milk for this cake but I'm using coffee syrup that gives amazing flavor to the decadent chocolate cake, take 1 tsp coffee in half a cup of water and 2 tbsp sugar mix it and your syrup is good to go, prick the cake with fork or knife and pour syrup over the cake.

Place the soaked cake in the fridge for about 30 minutes at least.

                                                    STEP 07

It's so easy to make ganache with dairy cream and cooking chocolate and personally, if you want to make this cake more rich and flavorful you can use imported chocolates e.g KitKat, mars, etc.

     Using a small non-stick pan, heat the dairy cream and bring it to a boil then add chopped chunks of chocolate, it is essential to cut those pieces to melt them easily. I’ve used a nonstick pan so that my chocolate and cream don't get burned.

when you add chocolate turn off the store and stir, the residual heat will melt the chocolate perfectly .refrigerate for about 30-40 minutes.

          I prefer to use dark semi-sweet cooking chocolate if you don't wanna use imported ones. 

         All the things are ready to assemble so let's get to it.

No Oven Chocolate Cake

                                                    STEP 08

Place the cake back into the pan it looks cute but that's optional, then add your ganache to the top and spread it gently with a spatula or knife.

         Decorate it with any kind of chocolate shavings, chocolate syrup, chocolate pieces, wafers & sprinkles.

Refrigerate for 1 hour, Our cake is prepared.

 cut a slice, and enjoy ;)

Chocolate cake recipe



I didn't use any baking tools or molds but still, I'm kinda shocked that my cake was baked on the stove in a nonstick pan perfectly.

Now keep in mind if you are using any kind of nonstick pan for the cake make sure the bottom must be heavy but if it's a thinned bottom pan then place a griddle under it.
 The flame should be medium to low. Most importantly do not skip the butter otherwise you will not achieve the perfect taste and texture of the cake. It is the star ingredient of this recipe and the cocoa powder should be rich and dark, dutch processed cocoa powder does not confer better results.
You will feel the difference after using it at once.
Do not over-mix the batter because if you do the cake will lose the air majorly this step leads to how much you want to make the cake aerated, light, and moist but however overmixing results in a non-aerated, dense, chewy cake.



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